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Observations & Analysis

The observation of your business reality is essential, to then make a complete and realistic analysis, considering YOUR business environment.

  • Detailed preliminary questionnaire (70 questions to understand your business reality)
  • Complementary interviews
  • Compilation of current communication tools
  • Competition and market analysis
  • Internal and external communication tool analysis

Planning & Strategic Recommendations

Once the observations and analysis is filled out, you must now have the right tools to positively contribute to your business environment and improve the perception of your customers towards your company.

  • Communication plan
  • Implementation of internal & external communication tools (intranet, surveys, newsletters, social media, ++)
  • Process implementation
  • Media strategyTHE GOAL:
  • Establishing the credibility and legitimacy of your brand
  • Enhancing your leadership

Social Media & Web

The quality of your messages on social platforms must be in line with your values, your mission and your overall communication axis.

Social Networks

  • Strategic Planning
  • Targeted content (writing, video, contest, interaction)
  • Account Creation (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, ++)
  • Development of Content Calendars
  • Platforms analysis
  • Visibility strategy with bloggers and influencers
  • Ideation, design and giveaway management


  • Website writing
  • SEO optimization


You’ve taken the time to review your communication strategy, now you need to make sure everyone in your team understands and applies it.

Media Events (Traditional and Digital Media)

  • Training of communication teams in place or to come
  • Interview Training and Prepping
  • Public speaking training
  • Media coaching

Events Management

Healthy communication is not only virtual! To consolidate your messages, different events can be deployed to build memorable relationships with employees and customers.

Media / Promotional / Corporate Events:

  • Event Strategy
  • Budget management
  • Resources and Suppliers Management
  • Promotion
  • Conferences
  • Brand and product launching
  • Opening and inauguration
  • Virtual presentation and Webinar
  • Demonstrations
  • Seminars
  • Training Workshops
  • 5@7
  • Corporate parties
  • ++

Media Strategy

A good collaboration with media helps to gain public trust and attention. It’s an effective way to increase your sales!

  • Designing and writing press releases (press kits, invitations)
  • Targeted distribution of press material
  • Personalized follow-ups
  • Partnership and visibility
  • Product placement
  • Event planning
  • Identification and approach of spokespersons, ambassadors, influencers or celebrities
  • Media’s partnerships

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