Strategic Communication and Public Relations Consulting

Strategic communication is about making all your communications effective, convincing and coherent.

To optimize your internal communications (with your employees and sales team) as well as your external communications (social platforms, website, sales tools, etc.) in order to give you a clear vision of your organization and help to project a professional image of your organization.

Having control of your image requires sound and optimal communication.

- Services -

Observations & Analysis

The observation of your business reality is essential, to then make a complete and realistic analysis, considering YOUR business environment.

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Planning & Strategic Recommendations

Once the observations and analysis is filled out, you must now have the right tools to positively contribute to your business environment and improve the perception of your customers towards your company.

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Social Media & Web

The quality of your messages on social platforms must be in line with your values, your mission and your overall communication axis.

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You’ve taken the time to review your communication strategy, now you need to make sure everyone in your team understands and applies it.

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Events Management

Healthy communication is not only virtual! To consolidate your messages, different events can be deployed to build memorable relationships with employees and customers.

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Media Strategy

A good collaboration with media helps to gain public trust and attention. It’s an effective way to increase your sales!

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- Why us? -

To get impartial advice and expertise from different areas of yours.
To get impartial advice and expertise from different areas of yours.
To align all of your communications.
To align all of your communications.
Because you do not necessarily need to pay for the expertise of a senior employee, yearly.
Because you do not necessarily need to pay for the expertise of a senior employee, yearly.
To display a coherent and professional image of your business.
To display a coherent and professional image of your business.

Because entrepreneurship represents many challenges, and trying to meet them alone is daunting.

You are the specialist in your field, let me present you my expertise!

My background in communication and as an entrepreneur has allowed me to acquire the knowledge and skills to understand your issues and guide you in achieving your communication objectives, and thus help you master the image you want to project.

My expertise and my service offer are vast, it will be my pleasure to analyze your specific needs.

Breakdown of work phases

Without being the only way to start a project with me, these 4 phases of work are an effective method for SMEs.

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- Our clients -

Girafe Communications has been founded in 2006 as a public relation agency. I have had the pleasure of working with several customers of various industries and of varied sizes, for the global management of their communications campaigns or for specific mandates.

By interest in entrepreneurship and to meet a growing demand, Girafe is transforming itself and puts its communication expertise at the service of SMEs by offering strategic consulting services.

- Who Am I ? -

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Ariane Tremblay
Strategic Communication & Press Relation Consultant
I have been working in communication-marketing and public relations for 12 years, including 5 years as owner of my public relations agency, Girafe Communications.

Implement communication strategies for clients from different backgrounds, do analysis and strategic thinking exercises, optimize internal and external communication processes and tools, guide social media, conduct training and coaching with partners and teams, planning events, are my day-to-day business and that makes me an asset in your strategic thinking to optimize your communication.

My approach is to make your messages effective, convincing and coherent, to clearly convey them to your team and your customers.

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Ariane Tremblay

Phone. : 514 730-5408
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